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digital artistry, creative & startup consulting


I specialize in digital production with a focus on covering and connecting a wide area of technologies and their applications. I currently split time between creative work, consulting jobs and running the apps.

Traditional & creative industry IT
  • Hardware & Software Consulting
  • Mac/Linux/BSD/Legacy UNIX Administration & Support
  • Turnkey Systems Engineering, Support
  • Production Workflow, Pipeline Development
Software Development
  • Database & Backend Design
  • Desktop, Web & Mobile Applications
  • Fullstack Web Development
  • Vertical Applications/Databases & UIs
  • Filemaker Development, Support
  • Editing (Avid, FCP, Lightworks, Adobe, Autodesk)
  • Motion Graphics & Compositing (Shake, Nuke, Cinema 4D)
  • DI & Color Grading (Speedgrade, Scratch, Resolve)
  • Digital props
Design & Image Postproduction
  • Image Retouching, Compositing
  • Architectural design, Visualisation
  • Photography digital operations & processing
  • Traditional Graphic Design, Layout
  • Document/Image processing pipelines
Business Consulting & Brand Development
  • Text & Copy in DE/EN
  • Brand Design, Visual communication
  • Business Simulations & Documents
  • Startup Consulting & MVP Development
Action Sports
  • Distribution & Management
  • Brand & Product Design
  • Digital Production
  • Retail Management
  • Skateboard Production, Shaping


Selected references, clients & works 1998-2018

Web Development

Project Client Agency Work
Event Portal Zurich Tennis Open apaaraGROUP
Website, Intranet Application UI/UX Alstom Vorsorge apaaraGROUP
Vitagate Survey Framework, dynamic SVG, PDF Mediaswiss apaaraGROUP
CMS Website Seepark Immobilien SVO Design
Custom CMS & Website Maison Plus Immobilien SVO Design
CMS Website & Calendar Longstreet Bar Stay High
Website & Portal KSDL Erdgas apaaraGROUP
Font Preview Site Font Dilettant
Website & Customer Portal ABB Vorsorge apaaraGROUP
Website & Customer Portal ABB VBS apaaraGROUP
World Youth Championships Scores & Ranking Portal International Ice Hockey Federation apaaraGROUP
Customer Portal & Intranet Application Alstom apaaraGROUP
Intranet Application UI/UX Avadis apaaraGROUP
Custom CMS & Website Firefly Clothing Combo Entertainment
Gate24 Portal UI/UX Mediaswiss apaaraGROUP
Online Magazine Birdie Open apaaraGROUP
Website Strokesaver apaaraGROUP
Microsites Blofeld
Custom CMS & Website Combo Entertainment
Staff Training Test & Visual Scoreboard Credit Suisse Additiv
Web Application Templates Credit Suisse apaaraGROUP (2008-2016) dalaSPORTS
Website & Events Dante Zurich Bar
Website & Custom CMS Wehrli & Partner Immobilien
Event Portal Migros Golfpark Trophy apaaraGROUP
Newsletter Templates Die Giesserei apaaraGROUP
Website ParkingTec apaaraGROUP
Websites The Network
Website Parkomatic apaaraGROUP
CMS Website Pier West
CMS Website Swigo apaaraGROUP
Website & Customer Portal Swissgas apaaraGROUP
Website & Portal Parkingcard apaaraGROUP
Portfolio Website Cartoon Factory
Survey Microsites Stäubli & Partner
Website, Newsletter Templates The Heritage Post Aube Prod.
Website, Stromanzeige Solargenossenschaft Rheintal
Website & Events Zum Fass Restaurant
Website & Custom CMS Vegan Kitchen & Bakery
Wirtschaftsblatt Karriere Wirtschaftsblatt Verlagsgesellschaft Aube Prod.
Website Mimi's Kitchen
CMS Website Zent Derma Klinik Aube Prod.
CMS Website & Calendar ZHDK


Project Client Industry Positon
Group-focused Social Publishing App UPIA ( SaaS Startup Founder
Action Sports Retailer The Network Action Sports Founder
Equipment Brand & OEM Manufacturing Next Skateboards Action Sports Co-Founder
Application Suite for Sports Teams Bola ( SaaS Startup Owner


Project Client Agency Work
Runtal “Folio” Line Videos Zehnder Group Equal Editing, 3D Animation, Color
Runtal “RAKU” Line Video Zehnder Group Alessandro D'Angelo Editing, Color
Interview Series F10 Accelerator SVO Design Editing
Promo Film Schtifti für soziale Jugendprojekte Editing/Motion Graphics
Various Videos FC Walisellen Editing/Motion Graphics
”Grüezi” Food Skateboards Quiet Productions 3D Animation
”Das Fräuleinwunder” SRF Abrakadabra Films Digital Props
Web Intro Village Roadshow Digitalweb 3d Animation
Tatort “Skalpell” Catpics Coproductions Atelier Dessert Digital Props
Houseworks Projector Animations Houseworks 3D Animation
”Private Banking” Hugofilm Stellaform Digital Props
”Vater unser Wille geschehe” Hugofilm Atelier Dessert Digital Props
Bug N Play Migros Kulturprozent Atelier Dessert Motion Graphics
Baze “Ehner weniger” Nation Music Combo Entertainment Editing/Compositing
The Network “Thank You (very much)” Network Skateshop Editing, 3D Animation, Color
Luut & Tüütli “Einzigartig” Nation Music Combo Entertainment Editing, 3D Animation
“Der Bestatter” Snakefilm Snakefilm Digital Props
Tatort “Hanglage mit Aussicht” Hugofilm Atelier Dessert Digital Props
”Jordan Mathis” Video Part Cliché Skateboards Editing/3D Animation/Color
Zürifilms Videos 1995-2005 Zürifilms Editing/Color/Titles
DJ Antoine Tour Video Houseworks Editing/Color

Image Postproduction

Project Client Agency Work
Schweizer Illustrierte Ringier Equal Retouching/Compositing
Breakthrough Breakdance Festival Zürich Breakthrough Productions Alessandro D’Angelo Retouching/Compositing
Office Panorama Images Milani Milani Retouching/Compositing
Quinnie Kinos Quinnie Kinos ROD Retouching/Compositing
Wahlen 2015 SRF ROD Retouching/Compositing
Opera Parkhaus Hardturm AG Alessandro D'Angelo Retouching/Compositing
CD Cover - Dorothea Hochuli Retouching/Compositing
CD Cover - All In Retouching/Compositing
Runtal “Folio” Campaign Images Zehnder Group Equal Retouching/Compositing


Project Client Agency Work
Bike Messaging Billing Solution Ultracouries Zürich Desktop Database App
Project Management Software 4C Consultants Desktop Database App
CRM, Billing & Ad Sales Backend Whiteout Magazine Desktop Database App
POS & Accounting Madal Lounge Desktop Database App
IT/IT/Web Consulting ABES IT, Web Development


Project Client Agency Work
Print Layout Design ABES Layout
Runtal “Folio” Campaign Zehnder Group Equal Campaign Layouts & Visuals
Brand & Website Armants GmbH Brand Design, Web Development
Skatepark GSZ Zürich Architectural Design, 3D Visualisation
Expansion & Remodel Star Grill 3D Visualisation
Wefunkradio 5.4.2006 Bogota Layout

Consulting Clients

Serena Floersheim (Brand/Business Consulting) · Nico Bürgin (IT Consulting) · Atelier Dessert (IT/Workflow Consulting) · Dorothea Hochuli Photography (IT/Workflow Consulting, Retouching) · Klaus Andorfer Photography (IT/Workflow Consulting) · SO Pizza (IT Consulting) · Atelier Dessert (IT/Workflow Consulting) · Samuel Schlegel Photography (IT/Workflow Consulting) · Tobias Stahel Photography (IT Consulting) · Alan Maag Photography (IT/Web Consulting) · Ari Zehnder Cinematography (IT/Web Consulting) · SVO Design (Technical Consulting) · PMO Visual (IT/Technical Consulting) · Absynthe Films (IT-/Workflow Consulting) · Alessandro D’Angelo (IT-/Workflow Consulting, Digital Operations) · w u a l e s (Digital Operations & Production) · Hans Kaufmann Cinematography (IT/Web Consulting) · Patrick Armbruster Photography (IT-/Workflow Consulting) · Tantrum Distribution (Brand & Team) · Micha Lewinsky Author (IT Consulting)


Action Sports:

1994 Skateboard Amateur, Experience Skateboards SF, CA
1994 Retail Store Manager, “Small World GmbH”
1995 Founder, “The Network” Retail Store
1997 Co-Founder, “Network Distribution” Wholesale Distribution
1998 Skateboard Amateur, FIT Skateboards & Civilian Clothing SF, CA
1999 Co-Founder, Amateur “Next Skateboards” OEM Manufacturing & Brand

Creative, IT & Tech Industries:

1998 Co-Founder, “” Creative industry service providers
2007 Lead Developer, apaaraGROUP AG Communications Agency
2012 Technical Director, apaaraGROUP AG Communications Agency
2010 Developer, dalaSPORTS AG
2014 Technical Director, SVO Design Creative Agency
2017 Founder, Developer, “UPIA” Social Publishing App
2017 Owner, Developer, “Bola” Application Suite for Sports Teams


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